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Phoenix Eleven Capital

We empower entrepreneurs giving them the tools to operate in the world we now live in. Founded in 2019, Phoenix Eleven Capital is on a mission to help catalyse exponential organisations using our human touch.

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Fintech | Venture Capital | Incubation

Our one-of-a-kind incubator equips existing businesses with an accelerator-styled approach focussing on People, API, DATA  & Ai strategy onboarding. Through our fintech & venture vehicle, Phoenix Eleven Capital, we have the opportunity to rapidly catalyse and identify more investment opportunities at a timely, cost-effective, and optimum stage of idea development. By working with local entrepreneurial partners, we will be able to provide first mover advantage and unique access to capital to establish the business ecosystem of the future.

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What we do

Through our group of companies in Panama, Hong Kong, South Africa and Rwanda, we guide project owners through a step by step process of realising their full potential in using Fintech, AI and Blockchain to transform their business processes and how they move towards becoming exponential market leaders.


We take an existing business back to its roots. 


Fintech Strategy

People Strategy

Digital Strategy

API Strategy

Data Strategy

AI Strategy


We create a startup mentality for business process delivery and implementation.


Data driven insights for delivery of first to market solutions.

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We have curated world leading investment partners and products.

Whether you are looking for to invest, move funds using our fintech solutions or looking for venture capital

Tokenised Currency. Stocks. Bonds. Commodities.



South Africa is opening up its borders to international competition, to people from around the world and South African businesses are becoming globally competitive. Our ability to facilitate international payments efficiently and effectively is becoming critical if we are to succeed.

We are opening our doors to partner with clients and move money across borders better than ever before.



Africa's Gateway to Financial Services

FiveWest offers personal, trustworthy and compliant financial services for both retail and institutional investors. Sending or receiving foreign currency payments in and out of Africa can be a time consuming and expensive process, especially if you use a bank which in the past has relied heavily on the lack of options available to consumers. Many individuals, and companies are not even aware  that they are paying more than they need to in transaction costs as most foreign exchange charges are hidden within the exchange rate.


Whether you are a business or an individual, FiveWest can offer you a better solution to collect, convert, pay and manage all of your foreign currency transactions in a fairer and more cost-effective way.


Our team is constantly rolling out products and has the ability to provide unique solutions to meet your investment goals.

Financial Partners

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